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The home of the Ugly Ducks

In April 2006 Indslev Bryggeri started something completely different in Denmark, brewing wheat beers exclusively. Six years later we expanded the family with a new brand and a whole new lineup. New brand, new concept, a regular playground for new ideas we could not realize before now. Some of them are pretty wild, that's pretty good - there are no limits.

The beers

News and notes from the duck pond

We've been at this since March 2012 and can report, in all modesty, that our beers have been doing pretty well. We try always to have a 10 beer lineup, and will keep experimenting with ideas for more great beers. Our brewers are skilled and creative guys, our list of collaborating brewers is expanding as well, and we just love to play with the concept of high quality beer. Feel free to contact us, and check out the facebook page...

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Find your dealer and taste the ducks

Call the dealers before hunting - they might be sold out !


    • Salling, Århus
    • Salling, Ålborg
    • You'll never walk alone, Kolding
    • Dronning Louise, Esbjerg
    • Cafe Blicher, Randers
    • John Bull Pub, Aalborg
    • Ølkonsortiet, Ålborg
    • Fairbar, Århus
    • Cockey Pub, Århus
    • Knuds Garage, Kolding
    • Vinspecialisten Aalborg
    • Fermentoren Århus
    • Vinspecialisten Randers
    • Prima Beer, Hobro
    • Basement Beer Bar, Ålborg


    • Carlsens Kvarter, Odense
    • Christian Firtal, Odense
    • Cafe Banken, Assens
    • Sir Club, Odense
    • Den Smagløse Café, Odense
    • Tipsy Toad Pub, Odense
    • Hotel Plaza, Odense

    On the www:

  • http://boxbeers.com/
  • http://www.humledrik.dk/


    • Urban House
    • Meyers Deli-butikker
    • Cafe Langebro
    • Åens Ølbar
    • Lidkoeb
    • Barleywine
    • Høkeren
    • London Pub
    • Cafe Pixie
    • Cafe Taxa
    • Cafe Gavlen
    • Fermentoren
    • Søernes Ølbar
    • Black Swan
    • Lord Nelson
    • Cafe Viking
    • Ørsted Ølbar
    • Peter Liep´s Hus 
    • Cafe Blågårds Apotek
    • Ølbaren
    • Hugos Vinkælder
    • Bryggens Ølbar
    • Kvickly Allerød
    • Cafe Retro
    • Gunnar Madsen Vinhandel
    • Ksoik,København
    • Irma

Contact us:
Ugly Duck Brewing Co.
Store Landevej 13
5580 Nr. Åby
Phone 6444 1507 Fax 6444 1557


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